Flexicare Reclining Lift Chair

Flexicare Reclining Lift Chair

Supportive | Comfortable | Adjustable

The Chair

At Flexicare Australia, we are always seeking to leverage the latest technological developments from around the world in healthy aged-care living and to bring those benefits to directly to you.

We’ve been working hard on a new product utilising the latest developments in lift chair design, so we’re thrilled to introduce to you our Flexicare Reclining Lift Chair. It will bring a remarkable improvement in your quality of life without breaking the bank.

Flexicare Reclining Lift Chair

What’s So Special About Our Reclining Lift Chair?


The Technology

The Flexicare Reclining Lift Chair was designed and developed from the ground up to provide you with a supportive yet easy to use way to help you sit & stand.

It doesn’t require electricity to use, instead, it utilises our revolutionary pump-action mechanism to ease you down gently when you sit and give you a boost when you stand.

Our Flexicare Reclining Lift Chair is super easy to use. Simply lift up the attached strap to prepare the lift chair to help you ease into the seat.

Recliner sit
Gently eases you into the seat

When you are ready to stand, the pump action mechanism will be ready to provide you with a little extra ‘lift’ to help you up!

Recliner stand
An extra push to help you up!

Once up, simply pull on the attached strap to place the seat back down. Now you have a regular reclining chair ready to spring into action with the pull of a strap!

recliner up and put down
Pull the strap to put it back into ‘chair’ mode


Non-Motorised & Lightweight

Our Flexicare Reclining Lift Chair is non-motorised and doesn’t require electricity. Not having a motor means less chance of equipment failure, leaving you with just a heavy, normal-functioning chair.

The Reclining Lift Chair is light enough to be picked up and repositioned easily if you need to. Don’t be locked to a specific corner of the house where you are tied down by a power cord you could trip over.

Adjustable Recline

Adjustable back support
Adjustable back support

The backrest of the reclining lift chair is adjustable at different angles, allowing you to find just the right amount of recline whether you’re watching TV or having a short nap.


Recliner folded

On top of being able to adjust the recline to your preferred level of comfort, you can also fold the back all the way down, creating a compact shape for easy storage. It is lightweight in design, so it can be easily picked up and stored away.

Fold away for easy storage
Fold away for easy storage


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We think you will be delighted by its comfort and ease of use.