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Our Signature Product: The Flexicare™ Mattress

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Australia’s Only Adjustable Mattress

Developed through extensive creative design and research with occupational therapists working alongside our engineers, the Flexicare Mattress is an innovative, self-contained, adjustable electric mattress that requires no installation and works on any bed frame.

The Flexicare Mattress is tailored to the needs of the sunset generationspecifically, those in aged-care facilities looking for a comfortable, easy to use, adjustable electric mattress to provide them with the support they need—whether lying flat, elevated, sitting or anywhere inbetween—to enjoy their retirement with a healthy lifestyle in comfort.

Flexicare Mattress

Health Benefits

Almost half the population of Australia will suffer from some form of back pain during their lifetime. With the help of the Flexicare mattress, you can adjust the articulation to your preferred level of comfort to support the curvature of your spine and relieve stress off your lower back.

We designed the mattress from the beginning to relieve back pain and promote your health and well-being. It will provide your whole body with the support it needs and improve your posture, blood circulation and digestion. The adjustability of the mattress means you can set it exactly to your liking, relieving pressure points and reducing muscle and joint pain, leaving you free to enjoy your day and have comfortable night’s sleep. Being able to adjust your mattress can also relieve chronic conditions such as asthma, acid reflux and sleep apnea.

You spend a third of your life sleeping, eliminate the stress of a bad night’s sleep with the Flexicare mattress and feel better when you wake up and enjoy the rest of your day with improved mobility, mood and outlook on life.

The major health benefits to using the Flexicare mattress over a conventional mattress:

  • Relieve back pain and alleviate muscle and joint pain – raised legs relieves stress off the lower back, muscles, and joints
  • Improve posture and spinal alignment – adjust the mattress to take pressure off your shoulders, hips, and spine
  • Relieve tension & pressure aches – raised back or legs takes pressure off the body
  • Reduce snoring & Improve breathing – raised back and head up frees the airways to reduce snoring and assist with better breathing
  • Improve blood circulation – legs raised assists circulation of blood flow throughout the body
  • Reduce acid reflux – back raised assists in preventing uncomfortable acid reflux at night

The Technology

The strength of the Flexicare Mattress lies in its unique design. Unlike other adjustable beds on the market where the bed frame is required to adjust the bed and you have to undergo a complex installation and setup process, our mattress employs a compact internal system which allows it to be an all-in-one unit with no installation required. Just plug & play!

Independent Adjustability

Flexicare adjustable

With the click of a button, you can take the pressure off and relax by adjusting the mattress anywhere between fully reclined to a seated position, with independent control of both head and leg support adjustment. Find the perfect level of adjustability for you and comfortably read or watch TV in bed.

All-in-One Design

Flexicare frame

A solid all-in-one design means the mattress is quick to setup and can replace your regular mattress on any bed frame or ensemble base, making it perfectly suited for retirees looking for an easy-to-use adjustable bed at home or in aged care facilities & hospitals.

Flexicare Swap

Quality Construction

flexicare breakout

The Flexicare mattress is built to last, featuring a steel articulating frame with Jutech®, a United Nations award-winning technology which provides superior wear and has long-lasting antibacterial properties and high-density Dunlop® foam layers for support, followed by a softer comfort foam layer to give you a restful night’s sleep.

The powerful German-made okey motor can support up to 150kg and is whisper-quiet during operation, so it won’t disturb anyone around you, making it perfect for those with light sleeping partners and shared room accommodation alike.

Mattress Sizes

flexicare mattress sizes

Single Long

890mm x 2000mm

King Single

1040mm x 2000mm

Queen Double

750mm x 2000mm (x2)

King Double

890mm x 2000mm (x2)


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