Flexicare Mattress With Cooling Gel Memory Foam



Available in five Australian Standard Sizes:

Queen Split (76cm x 202cm x 30cm) x 2
Queen (152cm x 202cm x 30cm)
King Split (91cm x 202cm x 30cm) x 2
Long Single (91cm x 202cm x 30cm)
King Single (106cm x 202cm x 30cm


Introducing Our New Product

In self-contained design, the Flexicare mattress provides the right amount of support whilst keeping size and weight to a minimum. Suits every household including those in aged-care facilities looking for a comfortable, easy to use, adjustable electric mattress to provide them with the support they need—whether lying flat, elevated, sitting or anywhere in between—to enjoy their retirement with a healthy lifestyle in comfort.

Who We Are

Flexicare is an Australian health & lifestyle supplier and we are proud to introduce to you our signature product, the Flexicare Mattress. 

Developed through extensive research with occupational therapists and engineers, the Flexicare Mattress is an innovative, self-contained, adjustable, electric mattress that requires zero installation and works on any bed frame, making it perfectly suited for use in aged care and hospital settings.


The Mattress

Comfortable, versatile, easy-to-use. The result of extensive research conducted by occupational therapists working alongside our engineers, the new Flexicare range provide adjustable full-body support and pressure relief at unparalleled quality. 


The Technology

The uniqueness of the Flexicare Mattress lies in its design. Unlike other adjustable beds where the bed frame is required to adjust the bed, our Flexicare Mattress is a self-contained unit with no installation required.



The mattress is quick to setup and works on any bed frame, making it well suited for retirees and those working in aged-care facilities.

It features a steel articulating frame with Jutech® a United Nations awarded technology and high-density Dunlop foam for support followed by a softer comfort foam layer to give you a restful night’s sleep.




Users are able to adjust the mattress anywhere between fully reclined to a seated position, with independent control of both lumbar and leg support adjustment, allowing the perfect level of customisability for comfort.



Contact Us

We are proud to be a registered NDIS provider. Please contact us at info@flexicare.com.au if you would like more information or visit our website at http://www.flexicare.com.au